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What is SWAT?

Student Website Advancement Team is a business managed and operated by students at William Woods University in Fulton, Missouri. The Students are in charge, the SWAT members are in charge of working with external and internal business clients to develop, update and revise websites to fit in the web.

One of two usability testing labs at the undergraduate level in Missouri! There has been a new and exciting addition to the SWAT conference room- a new usability testing lab obtained by a grant from the university. The lab allows us to collect target user feedback by observing user interaction with a client website. The feedback is analyzed and aggregated to allow the team to improve the design and performance of the websites, enhancing the navigation of the sites is the ultimate goal.

Want to be a member of SWAT? Interviewed and accepted students will work approximately 4-5 hours a week, sometimes more. One of those hours is utilized for a meeting as a group to discuss progress reports as well as the organizational duties of each member. All the decisions pertaining to the organization are voted on. A Policies and Procedures manual and student constitution developed by students, dictates the operation of the business.

          Why join SWAT?

  • Build a professional portfolio
  • Gain real-world experience
  • Work with real-world professionals
  • Join a dedicated group of up and coming professionals

Students can use SWAT for...

  • Internship Credit
  • Work-Study Positions
  • Advanced Management Information Systems Class
  • Volunteer Work 

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